English Program for Master Students of Professional Degree

  • 2014-12-25
  • 4055

The program aims to provide students (Master Students of Professional Degree) with an intensive training for them to achieve a good command of the English language adequate for their further academic pursuit and for future career, to help improve students’ skills in practical and business/professional writing and to help improve students’ communicative skills in listening and speaking, with an emphasis on developing their skills in making presentations in business settings home and abroad.


Teaching materials

The Art of Public Speaking by Stephen E. Lucas, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2010.

 English for International Academic Conferences by Weiguo Jia, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2006.



For the writing part, unit 1, 2, 4 and 6 of the textbookEnglish for International Academic Conferencesare used. Class activities include presentation, dialogue, and group discussion; Quiz on listening comprehension is given in Week 9.

For the listening and speaking part, unit 2, 3 and 4 of the textbook “The Art of Public Speaking” are covered. There will be at least 2 homework assignments. Students will give presentations in Week 15 &16.