Lecture by Professor Wu Bo

  • 2014-12-26
  • 2008
The lecture discusses the history, current situation and future of the export of Chinese culture, and puts forward some views on translation and the future of export of Chinese culture.
Professor Wu Bo is currently teaching at China Foreign Affairs University. He received his doctorate degree from Beijing Foreign Studies University, majoring in Western Linguistics History, supervised by Professor Yao Xiaoping. At present, his research interests include the export of Chinese culture, Chinese-English translation, and the relations between cultural history and translation history. Prof. Wu won the first Sino-British Friendship Scholarship and was appointed as the examination expert of the 11th Five-year Project of Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences. He is also a member of Evaluation Committee of Beijing High Education Instructor.
Time: April 9, 2012, Monday, 2 pm
Venue: Room I (5), Humanities Building, Yuquan Campus